Advantages Of Using Bio Fertilizers

18 Sep

One of the problems in agriculture that is increasingly occurring all over the world, especially in developed countries, is that the soil has become polluted and contaminated after years of application of pesticides and fertilizers. The one alternative to this problem is the application of bio fertilizers which apart from increasing crop yield also improves soil quality. These are environment friendly and are microscopic living organisms. Today Bio Fertilizers are increasingly being used in most countries of the world. These fertilizers consist of fungi, bacteria and blue green algae. The important feature of a bio-fertilizer is that instead of harming the soil in order to improve crop yield, it improves the soil and forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants. It is known to solve the problems of even the damaged soils where there is a high salinity and high chemical content.

Bio Fertilizers

Bio Fertilizers

When Bio Fertilizers are applied to the soil they are first known to occupy or colonize the interior of the plants, which is called the Rhizosphere, and from here promote growth by improving the supply of nutrients coming into the plants. Another important function of a bio fertilizer is the nitrogen fixation process, in which the bio-fertilizer absorbs nitrogen from the atmosphere or from the soil and passes it on to the plants thereby improving the chances of its growth and higher yield. The living micro organisms restore the natural nutrient cycle of the soil and therefore are very useful in healing a damaged soil.

Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer

Another important feature of a bio fertilizer is that it is much more cost effective that normal synthetic or manufactured fertilizers. Since the components of Bio Fertilizers are microscopic living plants organisms, there is no question of industrially manufacturing them. Different bio-fertilizers are used for different plants. The main fertilizers that are in common use are Azobacter, Rhizobium, Azospirillum and Blue Green Algae or BGA. Azobacter is suitable for crops like rice, potato, cotton etc. Rhizobiuminoculant is best for leguminous crops while Azospirillum is widely used for crops like crops such as wheat, maize, millets etc. because blue green algae are best for nitrogen fixation and are used in paddy farming.

There are many advantages of using a bio fertilizer over a synthetic fertilizer. Firstly, as it develops a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants, it breaks down the compound soil nutrients and helps the plants feed from them. Since the process is long, it improves the soil quality over time and plant crop yield up to 30%. It is more cost effective than normal fertilizers and therefore cheaper.


Turnip And Its Health Benefits

11 Jun

Turnip from Brassicaceae family, is one of the starchy vegetables that are good for human. Along with the turnip, its leaves and sprouts are also edible & highly nutritious and widely consumed in European, Asian and East American Cuisines. Since turnip is a nutritional vegetable, it is high in demand worldwide and India ranks 2nd for its production.

Turnip Health Benefits

Turnip Health Benefits

This root vegetable can be consumed in several forms such as raw, boiled, cooked, fried and roasted, depends on the taste of the individuals. Turnip provides various benefits as it is rich in vitamins which include Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin K and vital minerals such as calcium, copper and manganese. This wonder vegetable is further acclaimed for containing less calories and high concentrated compounds. Some of the benefits of Turnip and Turnip Greens (Turnip leaves) are discussed below:

  • Prevents Cancer – Due to the presence of antioxidants, phytochemicals and glucosinolates, turnip reduces the risk of cancer. In addition to this, if turnip is included in daily diet, it decreases the effect of carcinogens and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
  • Boosts Cardiovascular System – Turnip contains large amount of vitamin K therefore, it has great inflammatory properties that further prevents heart failure, heart strokes and other ailments. Moreover, this root vegetable is a rich source of foliate thus, helps to improve cardiovascular system.
  • Improves Digestion – Presence of glucosinlates and fiber content in turnip greens acts as a aid in digestion and hence, improves the digestive system of the body.

  • Treats Asthma – Owing to the presence of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, turnip is highly effective in curing asthma.

  • Good for Weight Loss – Turnips contain very less calories and high fiber content therefore, it regulates the metabolism of body and keeps weight in check. Additionally, it has high level of phytochemicals which help to detoxify the body and eliminates toxin, that further helps in removing extra fat from the body.
  • Supports Immune System – For better functioning of immune system, it is necessary for the body to produce healthy membranes. And for this, turnip plays a major role as this root vegetable contains beta-carotene content in high level which strengthens the immune system.
  • Care for Eyes – Turnip greens are a rich source of lutein, which is beneficial for eyes health. Moreover, regular consumption of turnip prevents the occurrence of eye diseases such as vision loss in aged people and blurred vision due to clouding of eye-lens.
  • Prevents Skin Ageing – An anti-oxidant i.e vitamin C is found in abundance in turnip and turnip greens. Owing to this, the free radical eliminates from the body and helps to keep signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and skin tanning at bay.
  • Maintains Healthy Hair – Consumption of turnips in daily diet may help to maintain healthy hair as these are the good source of vital minerals.

  • Brightens the Skin – Turnips are one of the richest source of vitamins A and Vitamin C which further helps in making the skin soft, supple, healthy and glowing

Orchid Suppliers Offer Quality With Affordability

20 Feb

Orchid is a family of flowering plants that are found all over the world. The flowers are generally brightly colored and are fragrant as well. There are thousands of species of orchid found all over the world, with most of the being concentrated in the tropical regions. The abundance of sunlight as well as the easy availability of water makes the tropical region a paradise of these orchids. Orchid Suppliers specialize in the distribution of orchids which makes it possible for collectors and other buyers to obtain different types of orchids at an affordable rate.

Orchid Suppliers

Orchid Suppliers


The service of an orchid supplier is hugely important especially for those who are associated with the field of botany. Researchers as well as amateur collectors entirely depend on these suppliers in order to get a supply of quality orchids. It is to be kept in mind that there are different types of orchids found in the world and so it is important for buyers to take the help of a reliable supplier in order to obtain the best possible orchid at the best possible price. The suppliers generally offer authentic products and buyers can be rest assured that they are going to get good quality orchid once they choose to shop from an authentic supplier.

Global business

The global business of Orchid Suppliers has seen a huge boost in the last few years, largely due to the increase in the demand for orchids across the globe. Nowadays orchids are often shipped from one country to another in order to cater to the global demand for these flowers. Proper care is taken while shipping the flowers by sea or by air so that they are not spoilt in the transit.  In many places orchids are also grown commercially and have emerged into a full fledged industrial sector.

Orchid Flower

Orchid Flower

There are a large number of Orchid Suppliers in the market today and so it is important for buyers to make a careful choice from the options in hand. Most of the suppliers nowadays have their own websites where users can get a detailed information about the flowers that they offer. It is possible to place an online order through these websites and get the thing delivered to the designated address right on time. However, it is essential for buyers to check the authenticity of the suppliers in order to get the best orchid at the best price.

Ways For Preparing And Flavoring Black Eyed Pea

7 Jan

Black Eyed Pea also known as cowpea is grown in America and is used for preparing famous authentic dishes. These are of beige color and comprises of a black eye as the name suggests. One can buy it canned, dried and fresh as per their requirements and for the purpose it is being used for. Popularly found in South America these protein and potassium rich fiber-filled peas flavored with spices add uniqueness to the meal served. These are neutral in taste and can be easily enhanced with seasoning. These are flavored and seasoned with crisp crumbled bacon, chopped onions, green bell peppers, black pepper and chili powder. To add special flavor to the dish you can also cook it with pork’s fat and ham hocks.

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

In fact there are many recipes that can be made using Black Eyed Pea for various special occasions, celebrations and get together. More than the salty canned and frozen peas, dry ones are the best as it can be easily stored for long time period and can be cooked easily in the pressure cooker. But before cooking these peas, it should be soaked overnight in fresh water so as to make it tender enough to be squashed with fork.

After your peas are cooked and well seasoned with salt and spices, you can serve it with rice and ham as a complete meal and enjoy the flavor. Either the rice can be cooked separately for fifteen minutes before being added to the simmered beans or you can cook the rice in a different pan and then simmer and blend the peas and rice together for five minutes adding all sorts of spices and seasoning. You will surely take pleasure in having this dish as it will leave an authentic taste in your mouth. Oregano, thyme, cinnamon or cloves and red pepper flakes are some of the spices that are used for preparing these peas.

Black Eyed Pea

Black Eyed Pea

Black Eyed Pea And Its Varied Uses:

These are used for preparing various famous recipes especially in Mexico that has made it popular all over the world. In fact it is especially used for preparing the traditional dish of South America known as Hoppin’John. However it is eaten here on New Year Eve with a conception that it will bring good luck. It is also used in warm recipes, cold dishes and salads thus considered to be a big part of food served at various special occasions, get together, picnics and more. One can purchase these peas from local grocery shop or from the roadside stand at nominal price.

Rose Flowers – Types, Colors And Uses

3 Dec

The plant rose is a perennial plant belonging to the family of Rosaceae. With more than 100 species, these plants are erect shrubs having sharp and erect sharp prickles. Rose Flowers comes in various shapes and sizes with the most common being red, yellow, pink and white. These particular species are mostly grown in Asia, North America and Europe to name a few. The flowers of these plants are mostly known and grown for its beauty and fragrance. These plats also bear a fruit known as rose hips which do have some healing properties though not used for general consumption.

Rose Flowers

Rose Flowers

Colors And Sizes

Rose Flowers usually bloom once or twice per season which require full sunlight for its growth. Standing water is not suitable for them. These plants are actually very delicate flowers which are properly fertilized and grown under proper care.

These flowers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The flowers which are small in size are generally termed as tea cup while those that grow large in size are known as patio roses. The best smelling roses are of light shades and small in size.

Red Rose Flowers

Red Rose Flowers

The color of Rose Flowers symbolizes many things. Since these flowers come in various shades, each shade carries a different meaning. But in some cases, these flowers are also artificially grown to attain a desired color. There are some general symbols or meaning some common shades of roses which are as follows

Red – This color usually represents love and is usually the most common shades of the plant.
White – This shade usually stands for peace and heavenly affections
Yellow– The bond of friendship is represented by this particular color.
Pink – This color stands for elegance and refinement.

Yellow Rose Flower

Yellow Rose Flower

Artificial Roses

Due to the increasing popularity, Rose Flowers are also artificially made. These artificial flowers are often made of different materials like silk and various other types of glossy materials. They are most commonly used for home decoration purpose. But to be very true, though the natural flowers are very short lived, in most cases these artificial ones lack the beauty and fragrance for which the flower is known.

Because of its fragrance, Rose Flowers find its use in various perfumes, oils, cosmetic products where its essence is mostly used. Also rose petals are also used in various confectionaries, syrup and various other food and drink and not to mention as a raw material for many medicines.

All About Black Eyed Beans

13 Nov


Black Eyed Beans are of the legume family and are cultivated all over the world for its medium-sized beans. This plant flourishes in a warm environment. Care is taken that the seeds are not sown too early or they will rot before they germinate. It can tolerate drought to a large extent and so is not used to excess watering. The flowers of this plant are a good source of honey as they produce adequate quantity of nectar.

black eyed beans


Also known as black eyes peas, Black Eyed Beans are a native plant of India from where it spread to other parts of the world including America and Africa. The most common type of this sort is the California Black Eye.


Black eyes beans are renowned for their nutritional value, being a good source of many nutrients like Folate which is important for creation of genetic material and for rebuilding cells and for generating more red blood cells, Manganese which is most important for protection of the mitochondria of body cells, Vitamin A which is beneficial for the immune system and acts as an antioxidant.

Its health benefits include toning or cleaning the spleen, pancreas and the stomach. It acts as a guard against leucorrhea and cleans the system by inducing urination. Since Black Eyed Beans are high in fiber content, they are excellent for improving diabetes and the Phytosterols present in the beans reduces excess blood cholesterol levels, and helps in preventing and combating constipation and colon cancer. Also because it is a starch it is very high in protein content, it is good enough to give the consumer good energy levels.

Black Eyed Beans are used in food all over the world. In India, black-eyed peas are named Lobia or Rongi and these are cooked as daal, served with boiled rice. It is also eaten as a dish called Chawli Ki Sabzi or a vegetable dish made with black eyes beans. In the Southern USA, the peas are traditionally cooked along with a pork side dish for flavoring purposes, diced onions, and are served with a hot chili sauce. In Vietnam the beans are served as part of a desert called che dau trang. The culinary preparation taken in West Africa and in the Caribbean is called akkra. Hence, it can easily be said that these beans are perfect for culinary uses as well as medicinal uses.

Red Grapes Have Become An Important Fruit In Modern World

27 Sep

Grapes have been cultivated in this world for thousands of years. The history of first grape cultivation dates back to Georgia of 6000 B.C. Grape is one of the few fruits that have been grown and consumed for so long. Red grapes are generally used to for raw consumption though some may be used to make certain alcoholic drinks. However, the grapes need to be processed properly in order to produce a perfect drink. So, it is always advisable to take the help of an expert professional before trying to produce wine from grapes. The red grape production has gone up drastically in recent years due to the development of modern agricultural methods.

Red Grapes

Red Grapes

Production of grapes

Grapes are grown in vine yards all over the world. Though most of the production comes from China and Italy, countries like Unites States, Spain and France significantly contribute to the overall production of grapes. There are different types of grapes and each type differs from the other in terms color and taste. Grapes generally grow in clusters and in each cluster the number of fruits ranges between 15 and 300. Almost 71 percent of the total grapes produced are used for making wines, 27 percent is used as fresh fruit and the remaining 2 percent as dry fruit. The area dedicated towards the cultivation of grapes is increasing at a rate of 2 percent per year

Delicious Red Grapes

Delicious Red Grapes

Specialty of red grapes

Red grapes can be distinguished from other grapes by virtue of color and taste. It is also known to control and even cure high blood pressure. Even cognitive decline and hearing loss can also be prevented by consuming red grapes regularly. As the name suggests these grapes are red or sometimes crimson in color and thus can be easily distinguished from normal Sultana grapes.

Fresh Red Grapes

Fresh Red Grapes

It is not hard to buy these grapes nowadays. Anyone can buy grapes at a supermarket or the nearest fruit store. Sometimes, especially in the western countries, grapes are packed and sold in plastic packages with the date of packaging imprinted on the packet. Thus the buyers are able to know what they are purchasing and can be rest assured of the quality and freshness of the red grapes. Buyers can also take the opportunity of making an online purchase by simply visiting an online store and placing an order according to their requirements.

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