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Rice Germ Oil: Various Uses and Benefits

26 Nov

Rice is regarded as the oldest cultivated plant in the world and it is one of the members of grass family and is often found in sub tropical and tropical part of the world. It often requires temperature ranging from that of twenty five degree and thirty degree centigrade. Often it has high precipitation or irrigation facility. It is rich in humus. Thus Rice Germ Oil is rich in fat and is often obtained from a solvent extraction.  In Asiatic country it is regarded as edible oil.

Rice Germ Oil

Rice Germ Oil

 Composition of Rice Germ Oil

This oil has similar composition like that of a peanut oil with that of thirty eight percent of monosaturated, thirty seven percent of polyunsaturated, and twenty five percent of saturated fatty acid. On the other hand the fatty acid composition of this oil is that of it contains point six percentage of myristic acid, around twenty one percent of palmitic acid, and thirty eight percent of oleic acid.

Uses of Rice Germ Oil:

Rice Germ Oil is some time used for the purpose deep frying of some of the popular cuisine. It often has a mild flavor. It is high in vitamin E contains. Often it is used for preparation of raw materials especially for the production of soap and candle. The wax which is often extracted from rice oil is more often used to produce cosmetics, shoe creams, confectionery items, polishing compounds and that of lipsticks. This oil is often used for preparation of items like vegetable ghee.

Rice Germ Oil Uses

Rice Germ Oil Uses

Rice Germ Oil and Its Health Benefit:

The health benefits of this oil are tremendous. This oil reduces the rate of cholesterol and triglycerides, it also prevent both heart and arterial disease. Alongside this it also prevents problems like that of stroke, cardiovascular problem, and ischemic stroke. It protects people who suffer from problem of cancer, and that of nervous system and brain capability. Beside this it reduces the problem of skin complexion which often people suffers from. In other word it also reduces the problem wrinkle and freckle that an individual suffers from. In addition to this rice oil also benefits people who suffer serious problem like rheumatoid arthritis, gaining wrinkle, migraine, dry skin, acne, back pain and problems like thyroid. 

Apart from this the oil also tries to maintain nervous and brain capability of a system. It helps to protect people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.  Last but not the least it help an individual to adjust individual hormone system and reduce hot flash symptom. In addition to this the oil contains gamma oryzanol which reduces problem of inflammation, improve blood circulation process, and reduce the problem of menopause.  Beside this it contain Tocol group of compound which prevent premature gaining.  It also enhances memory and reduces stress.  Last but not the least it often keep skin moist.

In conclusion it can be said that Rice Germ Oil often reduces the problem of inflammation, clean up blood vessel, and increase blood circulation. In addition to this it also nourishes the brain and nervous system of an individual and can often be used in various culinary dishes of the subcontinent.


Olive Trees and Olive Oil – An Introduction

1 Dec

Olives Around The World

Olives that have been originated from Mediterranean countries, now grown in numerous countries. Italian were the first among all, who deeply research and analysis the importance of olives. Now olives and olive oils has become integral part of Italian cuisine. Other countries who are following Italian footsteps as well growing olive trees are California, Chile, Israel, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Australia and Palestine. Though olives are not much popular in India, but their importance in terms of health is being realise.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The Olive Tree

The Olive tree (Olea europaea) species belongs to the family Oleaceae which is widely grown for supplying an important ingredient worldwide. All part of olive tree is given equal importance. Likewise, Green and Black Olives are grown and exporter on large scale for catering the world demand of healthy lifestyle. On other hand, olive tree is also known for supplying good quality wood and beneficial leaves.

The Olive Oil

The extract of the olive tree is commercially traded as olive oil. For the same, the olive fruits are harvested at their initial ripening stage. Though the fruit is bitter in taste because of presence of Oleuropin- a bitter carbohydrate.

Pure Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil

Olives are either thoroughly washed or soaked in solution of sodium hydroxide so as to remove the effect of oleuropein as well accelerate the extraction process. Primarily Olives are either crushed or pressed for the purpose of extracting the oil. They are subsequently processed so as to create varies types of olive oil.

Olive Oil – Their Types

As mention above, oil which is extracted is further processed. Every subsequent processing can result in totally different composition of olive oils. As result olive oil may varies in respect of flavours and quality. A premier body, International Olive Oil Council have classified them as follow.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Perhaps the richest flavour and the best quality of oil. Usually extracted by minimum level of processing either by crushing or pressing of olives.

Virgin Olive Oil – It is extracted only by the mean of pressing and hence the best known second types of olive oil in terms of quality.

Pure Olive Oil – Pure Olive oil is not at all pure. It is processed and treated with chemical along with the refining and filtration procedures

Extra Light Olive Oil – Another processed form of olive oil and far different in taste from Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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