Benefits Associated With Turmeric Powder

10 Nov

Turmeric powder is a very popular spice. It is derived from root of Curcuma longa. This is a perennial and herbaceous plant. Turmeric rhizomes are dried for extracting this powder. An active ingredient of this powder is Curcumin. The flavor, beautifying, health qualities and tint of this powder depend on this active ingredient. The spice has various health benefits and it is used in different dishes. Turmeric enhances the production of bile. It also acts as antioxidant ingredient.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is prepared from rhizomes which are freshly picked. This is done to retain the benefits and flavor of turmeric. The rhizomes which are picked are properly boiled. The fingers of the rhizomes are also boiled for an hour till white steam and bubbles are excreted. The rhizomes are drained and also dried under sunlight. These become dry and brittle. These are then properly grinded with the help of machines or by hand, to produce the powder.



Proper care should be taken while storing Turmeric powder. These should be kept in dry and cool place. Try to keep them away from the sunlight. Heat reduces the essences and aromatic oils present in this spice powder. Avoid excess humidity as it might solidify the powder. Containers which are airtight should be used to store the powder.

There are several companies that are considered as the leading manufacturer and exporter of turmeric powder. They pick the best quality of finger to make powder. They use modern technology and tools to grind the rhizomes to extract the powder. They have proper teams to look after the manufacturing and packaging of these items. There are various companies which have their own website and you can get the information about their products and the price from these websites. You can even order through online.

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