How To Make Kiwi Fruit Juice

9 Sep

The kiwi fruit is a fruit that comes from a vine plant species of the Actinidia genus. One of the most common types of kiwi fruit is the Hayward which is oval in shape and is about 8 centimeters long and 5 centimeters broad. It has a greenish brown skin which is fibrous in nature. Once it is sliced one can see that the fruit is golden or bright green in color speckled with tiny black seeds all of which are edible. The texture is soft and the taste of the kiwi fruit is sweet. It is commercially produced in Italy, Chile, New Zealand, France and Greece. Italy is the largest producer of kiwi fruit in the world.

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwifruit was first found in China, of where it still is the National Fruit although it is also found in some parts of Japan, India and Siberia. The Kiwi Fruit Juice is still popular in these parts. At first it was named Chinese gooseberry and Melonette, but since there was a huge duty in the trade of the fruit, its name was changed to kiwifruit especially because it resembled a kiwi bird of New Zealand.

Kiwi Fruits

Kiwi Fruits

Today, there are more than 60 species of kiwifruit in the Actinidia genus alone. Many of them vary a lot in their shape and size, and in color and texture. And not all kiwifruits can be eaten. Some varieties cannot be eaten. Some of the common varieties of kiwifruits are Actinidia deliciosa, Actinidia chinensis, Actinidia arguta, Actinidia kolomikta, Actinidia melanandra, Actinidia polygama and Actinidia purpurea.



The main types of kiwifruits are Fuzzy Kiwi or Actinidia deciosa which is charecterised by a brown and fuzzy skin along with bright green flesh inside, the Golden Kiwi which has features like shape of a beak and smooth bronze colored skin and Kiwi Berries which are smaller than other varieties. The golden kiwi variety is the sweetest tasting from the others and its color may vary from bright yellow to bright green. It cannot be stored for a long time but it is highly palatable when eaten fresh.

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwi Fruit Juice

A kiwifruit is very refreshing and has high nutritional value, especially in Vitamin C. It is good for alleviating asthma and for improving metabolism. A Kiwi Fruit Juice is something surprisingly sweeter and tangier than most other fruit drinks. To make juice from kiwifruit, first take two kiwifruits and wash them well. Then cut them cross-wise with a knife and put the sliced fruits in a blender. Water, sugar, ice cubes and salt should be added accordingly. It is best to have the drink with the pulp and seeds as they make the Kiwi Fruit Juice even more refreshing.


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