Skullcap Flower Perfect For Herbal Treatment

25 Jun

The skullcap flower itself is a perennial herb plant which most often found in various parts of Europe and Asia. The scientific name of skull cap flower is scutellaria galericulata. The most common color of skull cap flower is that of blue.

Information about Skullcap Flower

The skullcap flower is a member of the mint family and stand in upright direction from twenty to forty five centimeter in height. It some time reach up to a height of eighty centimeter. Often it grows in wet condition along the shorelines. The flower exists in pairs and is all on the same side of the stem.

Skullcap Flower

Skullcap Flower

The blue flower is one to two centimeter long. The plant is known by wide variety of name. The tube of the flower is longer than that of its calyx. It has slightly long thin leaves which look similar to that of Ephilobium. The flower grows in wet swampy condition. The leaves of this plant often look like willow herbs. The plant itself is a weak stemmed plant which falls over and forms new root. Skull cap is more upright by nature. The flower of this blooms from month of may to that of August. It is often stored in dry places for varied range of herbal usage.

Constituent of Skullcap Flower:

The skullcap flower itself is long and strong and it often consists of bitter glycoside, tannin, fat, bitter principles, volatile oil, scutellarin, to that of volatile oil.

Skull Cap Flower

Skull Cap Flower

Uses of Skull Cap Flower for Preparation of Beverage And Medicine:

The skull cap flower is often used to prepare wide variety of herbal tea. The root of the tree is often used to manufacture this type of tea. Among the tea which we get from the plant include those of cayenne and yarrow tea, cramp reliving tea, and teething tea, and that of day time tea. Regular usage of this tea often refreshes ones health. In one word the tea is refreshing by nature. Beside this the flower is often used in the form of capsule, or in tincture.

Usage of Skull Cap Flower for Treating Illness:

The flower has mild anxiolytics property which is sedative by nature and often treats nervous problem and problems of insomnia. Beside this it is often used to treat trouble sleeping problem, anxiety, strokes, paralysis as a whole. Apart from this it sedative nature helps to treat fever, people suffering from cholesterol, epilepsy, nervous tension, allergy, and skin irritation problems. In addition to this treat it often treats problems of schizophrenia, and that of rabies. It better ones vision. Problem of skin infection, allergies, inflammation and spasm are often treated with the help of this plant. It helps to reduce dampness from stomach, mental disorder, and that of digestive problems.

In conclusion it can be said that one can treat wide range of harmful diseases and problems with the help of this flower. Besides treating harmful diseases like this it also help one to reduce menstruation problem. In one word it is a herbal plant which has number of uses.

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