Advantages Of Using Bio Fertilizers

18 Sep

One of the problems in agriculture that is increasingly occurring all over the world, especially in developed countries, is that the soil has become polluted and contaminated after years of application of pesticides and fertilizers. The one alternative to this problem is the application of bio fertilizers which apart from increasing crop yield also improves soil quality. These are environment friendly and are microscopic living organisms. Today Bio Fertilizers are increasingly being used in most countries of the world. These fertilizers consist of fungi, bacteria and blue green algae. The important feature of a bio-fertilizer is that instead of harming the soil in order to improve crop yield, it improves the soil and forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants. It is known to solve the problems of even the damaged soils where there is a high salinity and high chemical content.

Bio Fertilizers

Bio Fertilizers

When Bio Fertilizers are applied to the soil they are first known to occupy or colonize the interior of the plants, which is called the Rhizosphere, and from here promote growth by improving the supply of nutrients coming into the plants. Another important function of a bio fertilizer is the nitrogen fixation process, in which the bio-fertilizer absorbs nitrogen from the atmosphere or from the soil and passes it on to the plants thereby improving the chances of its growth and higher yield. The living micro organisms restore the natural nutrient cycle of the soil and therefore are very useful in healing a damaged soil.

Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer

Another important feature of a bio fertilizer is that it is much more cost effective that normal synthetic or manufactured fertilizers. Since the components of Bio Fertilizers are microscopic living plants organisms, there is no question of industrially manufacturing them. Different bio-fertilizers are used for different plants. The main fertilizers that are in common use are Azobacter, Rhizobium, Azospirillum and Blue Green Algae or BGA. Azobacter is suitable for crops like rice, potato, cotton etc. Rhizobiuminoculant is best for leguminous crops while Azospirillum is widely used for crops like crops such as wheat, maize, millets etc. because blue green algae are best for nitrogen fixation and are used in paddy farming.

There are many advantages of using a bio fertilizer over a synthetic fertilizer. Firstly, as it develops a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants, it breaks down the compound soil nutrients and helps the plants feed from them. Since the process is long, it improves the soil quality over time and plant crop yield up to 30%. It is more cost effective than normal fertilizers and therefore cheaper.

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