Rose Flowers – Types, Colors And Uses

3 Dec

The plant rose is a perennial plant belonging to the family of Rosaceae. With more than 100 species, these plants are erect shrubs having sharp and erect sharp prickles. Rose Flowers comes in various shapes and sizes with the most common being red, yellow, pink and white. These particular species are mostly grown in Asia, North America and Europe to name a few. The flowers of these plants are mostly known and grown for its beauty and fragrance. These plats also bear a fruit known as rose hips which do have some healing properties though not used for general consumption.

Rose Flowers

Rose Flowers

Colors And Sizes

Rose Flowers usually bloom once or twice per season which require full sunlight for its growth. Standing water is not suitable for them. These plants are actually very delicate flowers which are properly fertilized and grown under proper care.

These flowers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The flowers which are small in size are generally termed as tea cup while those that grow large in size are known as patio roses. The best smelling roses are of light shades and small in size.

Red Rose Flowers

Red Rose Flowers

The color of Rose Flowers symbolizes many things. Since these flowers come in various shades, each shade carries a different meaning. But in some cases, these flowers are also artificially grown to attain a desired color. There are some general symbols or meaning some common shades of roses which are as follows

Red – This color usually represents love and is usually the most common shades of the plant.
White – This shade usually stands for peace and heavenly affections
Yellow– The bond of friendship is represented by this particular color.
Pink – This color stands for elegance and refinement.

Yellow Rose Flower

Yellow Rose Flower

Artificial Roses

Due to the increasing popularity, Rose Flowers are also artificially made. These artificial flowers are often made of different materials like silk and various other types of glossy materials. They are most commonly used for home decoration purpose. But to be very true, though the natural flowers are very short lived, in most cases these artificial ones lack the beauty and fragrance for which the flower is known.

Because of its fragrance, Rose Flowers find its use in various perfumes, oils, cosmetic products where its essence is mostly used. Also rose petals are also used in various confectionaries, syrup and various other food and drink and not to mention as a raw material for many medicines.

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