All About Black Eyed Beans

13 Nov


Black Eyed Beans are of the legume family and are cultivated all over the world for its medium-sized beans. This plant flourishes in a warm environment. Care is taken that the seeds are not sown too early or they will rot before they germinate. It can tolerate drought to a large extent and so is not used to excess watering. The flowers of this plant are a good source of honey as they produce adequate quantity of nectar.

black eyed beans


Also known as black eyes peas, Black Eyed Beans are a native plant of India from where it spread to other parts of the world including America and Africa. The most common type of this sort is the California Black Eye.


Black eyes beans are renowned for their nutritional value, being a good source of many nutrients like Folate which is important for creation of genetic material and for rebuilding cells and for generating more red blood cells, Manganese which is most important for protection of the mitochondria of body cells, Vitamin A which is beneficial for the immune system and acts as an antioxidant.

Its health benefits include toning or cleaning the spleen, pancreas and the stomach. It acts as a guard against leucorrhea and cleans the system by inducing urination. Since Black Eyed Beans are high in fiber content, they are excellent for improving diabetes and the Phytosterols present in the beans reduces excess blood cholesterol levels, and helps in preventing and combating constipation and colon cancer. Also because it is a starch it is very high in protein content, it is good enough to give the consumer good energy levels.

Black Eyed Beans are used in food all over the world. In India, black-eyed peas are named Lobia or Rongi and these are cooked as daal, served with boiled rice. It is also eaten as a dish called Chawli Ki Sabzi or a vegetable dish made with black eyes beans. In the Southern USA, the peas are traditionally cooked along with a pork side dish for flavoring purposes, diced onions, and are served with a hot chili sauce. In Vietnam the beans are served as part of a desert called che dau trang. The culinary preparation taken in West Africa and in the Caribbean is called akkra. Hence, it can easily be said that these beans are perfect for culinary uses as well as medicinal uses.

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