Daisy Flowers Enrich Floral Industry

10 Sep

Daisy flowers are among the most popular and beautiful flowers of the world. Daisies are wonderful objects of nature and these belong to the sophisticated yet simple floral family. This species of flower is used in various spheres of cultural and industrial sectors. Basically they are used for decorative, gardening and gifting purposes. Daisies originated in northern and central Europe and northern regions of America and Australia. Daisies open their petals at dawn to bloom.

Daisy Flowers

Daisy Flowers


This flower consists of beautifully designed white petals with a centre of many yellow tiny flowers. Mostly these plants are shrubs or climbers without any specific structure. This type of plant is used to decorate lawns. It is a composite type of flower species that is generally three to five inches tall. A very rare kind of daisy that is six inches tall can also be found. Daisy flowers are usually cultivated in the middle of summer and mild winter season. Various types of red, pink and white daisies are available in different parts of the world.

African Daisy Flower

African Daisy Flower


Daisies have many significant uses in various spheres of social and cultural world. These flowers are used in creating chain games and garlands for children. Daisy has various culinary uses. Young daisy leaves are rich in astringents and they can make special salads, soups or sandwiches. Petals and buds of daisy flower can also be eaten raw or used for cooking different dishes. Daisy plants contain vitamins and can be used in making herbal medicines.

Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

Industrial values

Daisy is mostly common in western countries. Many floral shows and garden exhibitions include daisy plants and decorative products made of this plant. These gardening projects are of great help and inspiration to trade professionals and general visitors interested in floral industry. Garden shows welcomes visitors including companies and individuals interested in gardening industry, growers, nurseries, gardening, agronomists, associations, local agricultural show organizers, landscape architects and representatives from the design office, lovers and gardening enthusiasts, engineers and technicians of horticulture sector.

Daisies contribute to the international floral events of the world and thus enrich industrial sectors with viable developments. Daisies are used in the decoration and making of variety of nursery ornamental plants, architecture design and wood garden wholesale artificial flowers, wholesale nursery, farm nursery, landscape architecture, green city and so on. This business product of horticulture sector discovers various opportunities and potentials to enhance economical growth of export industry and global market. Garden Fair departments, other national associations related to floristry use daisy plants to excel in garden architecture and interior decorating and design services.

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