Jasmine Flower And Its Uses

8 Aug

Jasmine flower is very popular worldwide for its beauty, fantastic fragrance and cultural and industrial importance. Jasmine originated in the western Himalayan region of China. It is basically found in the temperate zones of tropical regions all over the world. This type of flower is widely cultivated in India. The name jasmine came from a Persian word Yasmin that means the gift of god.

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Flowers


There are almost 200 popular species of Jasmine. Mostly these plants are shrubs or climbers without any specific structure. The jasmine leaves can be of either deciduous or evergreen type. Usually jasmine is of white color but yellow jasmine is also rarely found. This species belongs to oleaceae family with four petals of corolla type. This flower is at times sweetly and often powerfully fragmented. Most of the species of kind of flower are generally found in summer or spring time.

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower


Jasmine is a very sweet and nice smelling flower that has various uses in daily life. Essential jasmine oil is extracted from this flower and it is widely used in beauty products like cosmetics, skin cream, soaps, shampoos and perfumes. Jasmine flavor is essentially used to give decorative and special touch to tasty dishes. Jasmine tea is good for health. This type of green tea has many anti bacterial components and it has low cholesterol. Jasmine tea is very common in China. Jasmine flavored tea is a very popular variety of tea. Jasmine has very rich cultural and decorative importance.

Jasmine Plant

Jasmine Plant

Industrial Importance

Jasmine flower has significant industrial value as described by scientific and technical association of engineers and technicians of horticulture sector. This species of flower is exhibited in various trade exhibitions on floristry and green nursery in different forms of jasmine plants, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, cut flowers and potted plants. This flower species also offers unique scope for the international export and import industries to discover various opportunities and potentials of the global horticulture industry and gardening sector.

Modern world of industrialization is enriched with many advanced technologies and this improved outlook is implemented in the cultivation and production world class garden plants. Hence there is variety of nursery ornamental plants and other nursery products that majorly contribute to the international and regional horticulture sector. Indian gardening industry has got a great boost with the help of proper cultivation of jasmine. This in turn ensures various opportunities and potentials for the strengthening of the national horticulture industry.

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