Uses of Coriander Seeds

18 Feb

There are different names for coriander; some call it cilantro while some call it Chinese parsley. This plant is popular as it produces a spice and a herb. ‘Coriander’ is a word which is used for ground seeds and for the fresh herb we use the word ‘cilantro’. It belongs to Apiaceae family and it is found in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Coriander seeds are very popular as they increase flavor of dishes and are also associated with health benefits.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Some of us like raw spices than readymade spices which are available. Coriander seeds are crushed and then added to increase flavor and aroma to various culinary delights. The seeds are free from gluten and act as anti oxidant. Various essential oils and fatty acids can be obtained from the seeds and this helps to enhance digestive and anti flatulent properties of these seeds. Dietary fibers can be obtained and this helps to reduce constipation. Women around the world consume the seeds for better menstrual flow. These are used for reducing the level of sugar in our blood as they stimulate insulin secretion. Seeds from these plants are used for maintaining the balance between good and bad cholesterol level and helps our heart stay healthy.

coriander seeds

coriander seeds

Curries and pickles are made by using coriander seeds and leaves. For buying fresh seeds you can contact different companies which deal with raw spices. There are traders who supply raw spices to various parts of the world. You can order and purchase quality seeds through online sources. You might even get discounts on these products. But while purchasing spices whether be it from whole sellers you should always choose a dealer who is popular. Read the packaging date and ask them how to store these seeds so that you can use them for longer period.

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