Benefits Associated With Turmeric Powder

10 Nov

Turmeric powder is a very popular spice. It is derived from root of Curcuma longa. This is a perennial and herbaceous plant. Turmeric rhizomes are dried for extracting this powder. An active ingredient of this powder is Curcumin. The flavor, beautifying, health qualities and tint of this powder depend on this active ingredient. The spice has various health benefits and it is used in different dishes. Turmeric enhances the production of bile. It also acts as antioxidant ingredient.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is prepared from rhizomes which are freshly picked. This is done to retain the benefits and flavor of turmeric. The rhizomes which are picked are properly boiled. The fingers of the rhizomes are also boiled for an hour till white steam and bubbles are excreted. The rhizomes are drained and also dried under sunlight. These become dry and brittle. These are then properly grinded with the help of machines or by hand, to produce the powder.



Proper care should be taken while storing Turmeric powder. These should be kept in dry and cool place. Try to keep them away from the sunlight. Heat reduces the essences and aromatic oils present in this spice powder. Avoid excess humidity as it might solidify the powder. Containers which are airtight should be used to store the powder.

There are several companies that are considered as the leading manufacturer and exporter of turmeric powder. They pick the best quality of finger to make powder. They use modern technology and tools to grind the rhizomes to extract the powder. They have proper teams to look after the manufacturing and packaging of these items. There are various companies which have their own website and you can get the information about their products and the price from these websites. You can even order through online.


How To Make Kiwi Fruit Juice

9 Sep

The kiwi fruit is a fruit that comes from a vine plant species of the Actinidia genus. One of the most common types of kiwi fruit is the Hayward which is oval in shape and is about 8 centimeters long and 5 centimeters broad. It has a greenish brown skin which is fibrous in nature. Once it is sliced one can see that the fruit is golden or bright green in color speckled with tiny black seeds all of which are edible. The texture is soft and the taste of the kiwi fruit is sweet. It is commercially produced in Italy, Chile, New Zealand, France and Greece. Italy is the largest producer of kiwi fruit in the world.

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwifruit was first found in China, of where it still is the National Fruit although it is also found in some parts of Japan, India and Siberia. The Kiwi Fruit Juice is still popular in these parts. At first it was named Chinese gooseberry and Melonette, but since there was a huge duty in the trade of the fruit, its name was changed to kiwifruit especially because it resembled a kiwi bird of New Zealand.

Kiwi Fruits

Kiwi Fruits

Today, there are more than 60 species of kiwifruit in the Actinidia genus alone. Many of them vary a lot in their shape and size, and in color and texture. And not all kiwifruits can be eaten. Some varieties cannot be eaten. Some of the common varieties of kiwifruits are Actinidia deliciosa, Actinidia chinensis, Actinidia arguta, Actinidia kolomikta, Actinidia melanandra, Actinidia polygama and Actinidia purpurea.



The main types of kiwifruits are Fuzzy Kiwi or Actinidia deciosa which is charecterised by a brown and fuzzy skin along with bright green flesh inside, the Golden Kiwi which has features like shape of a beak and smooth bronze colored skin and Kiwi Berries which are smaller than other varieties. The golden kiwi variety is the sweetest tasting from the others and its color may vary from bright yellow to bright green. It cannot be stored for a long time but it is highly palatable when eaten fresh.

Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwi Fruit Juice

A kiwifruit is very refreshing and has high nutritional value, especially in Vitamin C. It is good for alleviating asthma and for improving metabolism. A Kiwi Fruit Juice is something surprisingly sweeter and tangier than most other fruit drinks. To make juice from kiwifruit, first take two kiwifruits and wash them well. Then cut them cross-wise with a knife and put the sliced fruits in a blender. Water, sugar, ice cubes and salt should be added accordingly. It is best to have the drink with the pulp and seeds as they make the Kiwi Fruit Juice even more refreshing.

Skullcap Flower Perfect For Herbal Treatment

25 Jun

The skullcap flower itself is a perennial herb plant which most often found in various parts of Europe and Asia. The scientific name of skull cap flower is scutellaria galericulata. The most common color of skull cap flower is that of blue.

Information about Skullcap Flower

The skullcap flower is a member of the mint family and stand in upright direction from twenty to forty five centimeter in height. It some time reach up to a height of eighty centimeter. Often it grows in wet condition along the shorelines. The flower exists in pairs and is all on the same side of the stem.

Skullcap Flower

Skullcap Flower

The blue flower is one to two centimeter long. The plant is known by wide variety of name. The tube of the flower is longer than that of its calyx. It has slightly long thin leaves which look similar to that of Ephilobium. The flower grows in wet swampy condition. The leaves of this plant often look like willow herbs. The plant itself is a weak stemmed plant which falls over and forms new root. Skull cap is more upright by nature. The flower of this blooms from month of may to that of August. It is often stored in dry places for varied range of herbal usage.

Constituent of Skullcap Flower:

The skullcap flower itself is long and strong and it often consists of bitter glycoside, tannin, fat, bitter principles, volatile oil, scutellarin, to that of volatile oil.

Skull Cap Flower

Skull Cap Flower

Uses of Skull Cap Flower for Preparation of Beverage And Medicine:

The skull cap flower is often used to prepare wide variety of herbal tea. The root of the tree is often used to manufacture this type of tea. Among the tea which we get from the plant include those of cayenne and yarrow tea, cramp reliving tea, and teething tea, and that of day time tea. Regular usage of this tea often refreshes ones health. In one word the tea is refreshing by nature. Beside this the flower is often used in the form of capsule, or in tincture.

Usage of Skull Cap Flower for Treating Illness:

The flower has mild anxiolytics property which is sedative by nature and often treats nervous problem and problems of insomnia. Beside this it is often used to treat trouble sleeping problem, anxiety, strokes, paralysis as a whole. Apart from this it sedative nature helps to treat fever, people suffering from cholesterol, epilepsy, nervous tension, allergy, and skin irritation problems. In addition to this treat it often treats problems of schizophrenia, and that of rabies. It better ones vision. Problem of skin infection, allergies, inflammation and spasm are often treated with the help of this plant. It helps to reduce dampness from stomach, mental disorder, and that of digestive problems.

In conclusion it can be said that one can treat wide range of harmful diseases and problems with the help of this flower. Besides treating harmful diseases like this it also help one to reduce menstruation problem. In one word it is a herbal plant which has number of uses.

Amazing Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

13 Mar

With the improvement of science and technology a lot has been changed in human life, still there are certain things that have retained their originality for centuries. Sunflower seeds have been in use for centuries now and still they continue to be one of the most important ingredients in culinary dishes. Even a handful of sunflower seeds have huge health benefits. This is why most of the healthy foods nowadays include sunflower seeds. There are certain Sunflower Seeds Benefits that make them some of the most sought after products in the market.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Source of Selenium

Sunflower seeds are a good source of selenium and so they can effectively prevent cell damage. Cell damage can result in cancer and so consumption of sunflower seeds can effectively prevent cancer. Moreover, selenium does not support cancer in any way and can be an effective weapon against cancer. Thus, one can easily have a cancer free body if one consumes sunflower seeds on regular basis and in right proportion.

Minerals for Bone

It is a widely known fact that bones require calcium to grow thick and strong, but at the same time minerals like copper and magnesium are also essential for the bones to grow strong. Sunflower seeds have both the minerals that can help in the development of bones. One of the most important Sunflower Seeds Benefits is that it also contains Vitamin E which is essential to ease off arthritis pain.

sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds

Good for Nerves
Another important health benefit of sunflower seeds is that they are good for nerves. Magnesium has a soothing effect on the nerves and those who suffer from anxiety or nervous breakdown can consume sunflower seeds regularly. It would help them deal with nerve problems quite effectively.

For Better Skin

It has been found that sunflower seeds are extremely good for skin. In fact, it protects the skin from Sun’s ultra-violet rays, thus keeping it youthful and glowing. As a matter of fact, protection against ultra-violet rays is something that human skin needs most.

Keeping Cardiac Troubles Away

One of the most important Sunflower Seeds Benefits is that it helps keep cardiac problems away. The seeds detect the bad cholesterol and prevent it from sticking on the sides of arteries. This helps in smooth flow of the blood from the heart to different parts of the body, thus preventing heart attack.

Black Gram The Healthiest Food for All

6 Jan

One of the most popular and high nutritional beans is Black Gram. It is originated from southern Asia, precisely India where it has been cultivated since ancient times. This gram belongs to bean family, same as the mung beans species. This is popularly known as Urad Dal which is consumed by human beings in almost every corner of the country as an important part of their daily meal. Urad dal is healthier than any other beans available in the market. It can be consumed everyday as it has various amazing properties which are good for health.

Black Gram

Black Gram


  • Basically Black Gram is used as a part of meal and consumed by human being
  • There are various types of recipes available using black lentils or Urad dals. Such as Idli, Dosa, Vada, Uttapam and so on.
  • These are also used in traditional medicines called Ayurveda in India.
  • In the construction sector, Black Gram can be used as one of the elements of cement

 Health Benefits

  • It contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin B which are very important for health
  • It helps to prevent Rheumatic pains, contracted knees and stiff shoulder.
  • Best source of protein, fat and carbohydrate.
  • It contains two types of fibers- soluble which helps to prevent constipation and insoluble which helps to prevent indigestion.
  • It supports blood circulation
  • Finally it also helps to control cholesterol which is helpful to prevent cardio related health issues.
Black Gram Dal

Black Gram Dal

There are various types of Black Gram available in the market. Such as Type 27, Type 56, Pusa 1 and such.

Climate and Harvesting

  • It needs heavy rainfall
  • The temperature should be between 27degrees and 30 degrees.
  • These grams can do well in the soil which is extremely good at water preservation.
  • It takes around 90 to 120 days to fully grown.
  • It also enriches the soil with high nitrogen.
  • Proper soil moisture is needed here. Farmers need to irrigate the field just after sowing.
  • It can be harvested when the pods turn 90 percent black.
  • They need to be left in an open area for 1 or 2 days after harvesting to dry them.

Black Gram is the most prized pulse among all other pulses available in southern Asian countries. It is one of the healthiest pulses which helps to generate energy and strength in the body and has high iron content which fights many diseases in human body.

Rice Germ Oil: Various Uses and Benefits

26 Nov

Rice is regarded as the oldest cultivated plant in the world and it is one of the members of grass family and is often found in sub tropical and tropical part of the world. It often requires temperature ranging from that of twenty five degree and thirty degree centigrade. Often it has high precipitation or irrigation facility. It is rich in humus. Thus Rice Germ Oil is rich in fat and is often obtained from a solvent extraction.  In Asiatic country it is regarded as edible oil.

Rice Germ Oil

Rice Germ Oil

 Composition of Rice Germ Oil

This oil has similar composition like that of a peanut oil with that of thirty eight percent of monosaturated, thirty seven percent of polyunsaturated, and twenty five percent of saturated fatty acid. On the other hand the fatty acid composition of this oil is that of it contains point six percentage of myristic acid, around twenty one percent of palmitic acid, and thirty eight percent of oleic acid.

Uses of Rice Germ Oil:

Rice Germ Oil is some time used for the purpose deep frying of some of the popular cuisine. It often has a mild flavor. It is high in vitamin E contains. Often it is used for preparation of raw materials especially for the production of soap and candle. The wax which is often extracted from rice oil is more often used to produce cosmetics, shoe creams, confectionery items, polishing compounds and that of lipsticks. This oil is often used for preparation of items like vegetable ghee.

Rice Germ Oil Uses

Rice Germ Oil Uses

Rice Germ Oil and Its Health Benefit:

The health benefits of this oil are tremendous. This oil reduces the rate of cholesterol and triglycerides, it also prevent both heart and arterial disease. Alongside this it also prevents problems like that of stroke, cardiovascular problem, and ischemic stroke. It protects people who suffer from problem of cancer, and that of nervous system and brain capability. Beside this it reduces the problem of skin complexion which often people suffers from. In other word it also reduces the problem wrinkle and freckle that an individual suffers from. In addition to this rice oil also benefits people who suffer serious problem like rheumatoid arthritis, gaining wrinkle, migraine, dry skin, acne, back pain and problems like thyroid. 

Apart from this the oil also tries to maintain nervous and brain capability of a system. It helps to protect people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.  Last but not the least it help an individual to adjust individual hormone system and reduce hot flash symptom. In addition to this the oil contains gamma oryzanol which reduces problem of inflammation, improve blood circulation process, and reduce the problem of menopause.  Beside this it contain Tocol group of compound which prevent premature gaining.  It also enhances memory and reduces stress.  Last but not the least it often keep skin moist.

In conclusion it can be said that Rice Germ Oil often reduces the problem of inflammation, clean up blood vessel, and increase blood circulation. In addition to this it also nourishes the brain and nervous system of an individual and can often be used in various culinary dishes of the subcontinent.

The Benefits Of Sponge Gourd

10 Oct

One of the healthiest green vegetables is Sponge Gourd also known as lufa. Lufa is basically a fruit but consumed as vegetable. To make it edible, one needs to harvest it at early stage of development. The fully developed gourd is used as the scrubbing sponge in bathrooms and kitchens. This particular vegetable is considered to be originated from Arabic desserts and spread all over the world.

Sponge Gourd

Sponge Gourd

Climate and Harvesting

  • The ideal temperature for cropping Sponge Gourd is between 25 and 30 degrees.
  • It cultivates well in the warm weather.
  • Low temperature kills the plants.
  • High temperature like 35 degrees restricts fruit set.
  • It can be grown on any type of soils.
  • It takes around 60 days to be fully grown.
  • The fruits should be harvested at early stage of production.
  • In the temperature of 10 to 12 degrees the fresh Sponge Gourd can be stored for 2-3 weeks.
Sponge Gourds

Sponge Gourds


  • Blood purifier: it is said to be an excellent blood purifier as it flushes out the pollutants from the blood.
  • Prevent Diabetes: gourds have insulin which is extremely beneficial for diabetes.
  • Good for stomach: it prevents indigestion which leads to healthy stomach.
  • Skin care: fully grown gourds can be used as scrubber. It helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the body or face.
  • Weight loss: it helps to prevent cholesterol therefore it helps to lose weight.
  • As it is good for stomach it cures jaundice.
  • Other than food, Sponge Gourd can be coupled with other vegetables to use plastic recycling.


To utilize land effectively farmers generally use vegetables in rotation. This is called intercropping. Sponge Gourd is an intercrop vegetable which is intercropped with Tomato and Spinach.
These gourds are sometimes arrow straight sometimes curved in shape. The fruit has ridge lines that run across the fruit skin. Due to that looks it is also known as Ridge Gourd. The fruit which is edible as vegetable is so tender that it can be cut into small pieces in any shapes and sizes. The hard Lufa is fully grown gourd. It has many fibers in their skin. It is so hard that it is used to clean the kitchen utensils and sometimes used to clean bathroom floor and such.

These gourds taste too bitter to consume. Sometimes after peeling off the skin it can taste less bitter. That is why Lufa is consumed after frying it or sometimes one can prepare a spicy curry with it.

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